Need Boxes or Supplies for Your Move?

Having the right supplies makes a big difference when you’re preparing to move.

If we are providing packing services we will bring all supplies the day of your move and only charge for what is used.

If you are packing yourself and only need supplies we charge a $50 travel fee to deliver plus the regular fee for supplies. Any supplies not used we will buy back.

If you are moving out of city or out of state and we are loading a rental truck or storage container, we highly recommend buying blankets and straps to ensure a safe trip. We sell both.

If you are moving into a storage facility or a storage container locally we can sell you blankets to keep your items safe and buy them back when we move you out of storage and the blankets are returned in good shape.

**Call today and ask about our packing rates and pricing for supplies 239-285-6894!**



Another option is to order from the website below and have the boxes supplies shipped directly to your home!

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